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   Jtribe(Guangzhou Panyu Jewelry Factory Union) is located in Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province, China. 

In China, Panyu is world wide jewelry Centralized production place,and is the only place where professional manufacturer of high-quality Jewelry.


   Jtribe is Operated jointly by BaChuang jewelry factory JianShang jewelry factory and was founded in 2012. In the global fashion jewelry industry, no matter enamel jewwlry or gemstone jewelry, which was known as Colorful treasure series, and even new style of enamel combination of enamel , Jtribe Jewelry is  in the leading position of the design ability and produce ability.


   Jtribe Jewelry owns jewelry design and produce factories in Guangzhou, And Shantou, and also has cooperation enterprises in Russia,India,Italy. It produces more than hundreds of ten thousand of varieties of jewelries and accessories annually.

   Jtribe Jewelry has a wide varieties, attractive design and fashion style. The products include pedant, earring, ring, bracelet, necklace, anklet, bangle and garment accessories. The raw materials and electroplating raw materials are certified by SGS, the global authoritative certifying agency. The products comply with European and American environmental protection standard, and are sold well in the world.

    In China’s fashion jewelry and accessories industry, Jtribe Jewelry is ranked on top for the production scale, annual turnover, and cost performance strategy among similar market products, and has more than 3,00 channel cooperation partners in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russian Federation,Southeast Asia and China Mainland. At present, the annual turnover reaches RMB million Yuan.

   Jtribe Jewelry owns more than 200 employees, which is one of the most famous and largest fashion jewelry enterprises in China and even the whole world.

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